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CHIME – the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, is a global professional organisation for digital health leaders. Founded in 1992, it is a non-profit committed to developing digital health leadership for the good of world health and improved patient care.

Joining CHIME International gives you access to a network of digital health professionals like you. You’ll be able to engage and collaborate with other leaders. Your member benefits include the ability to enroll in certification programmes and secure credentials that demonstrate your commitment to digital health transformation. You can participate in educational opportunities and courses plus gain access to resources, news, content, industry training, and more!

Why join CHiME International?

We are here for all digital health professionals: Chief Information Officers, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Chief Nursing Information Officers and all clinicians and managers with digital health responsibilities. CHIME brings you resources, news, and media to support your leadership development.

This is your space to plan the next stage of your professional development through CHIME’s education programmes and our accreditation certifications.

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CHiME India

Digital health leaders working in India are welcome to apply to join CHIME India. Established in 2017, CHIME India has grown to be a key stakeholder in the digital health space and is a founder organization of the THIT conference.

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Eligible CHIME India members can challenge the International Certified Healthcare CIO (CHCIO) accreditation. This tests the application of digital health leadership experience against a range of scenarios using knowledge acquired throughout a person’s career.

The examination is written by a team of international CIOs and the exam must be revalidated after three years. More than 850 digital health leaders worldwide are proud to call themselves CHCIO

Gain professional recognition for your digital health leadership

In 2022, CHIME introduced the Certified Digital Health accreditation for leaders at every stage of their career – from Professional, to Leader to Executive.

CHIME Certified Digital Health Professional certification is for people in the early part of their career and tests understanding and governance around digital health. A specific version for nurses and midwives is also available

CHIME Certified Digital Health Leader is aimed at people who have progressed to leadership positions in a healthcare organization

CHIME Certified Digital Health Executive is for people working in executive roles, such as CIO, CCIO and CNIO, and is equivalent to CHCIO. 

These accreditations are open to all digital health leaders in India and administered by CHIME India.

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