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Dr James Timothy Anglin

Dr James Timothy Anglin, having gained a scholarship, graduated from St Thomas’s Hospital medical school, London. On completing his general practice training, he joined the Wellcome Foundation, at that time a charitable organisation, and worked as a medical director responsible for the development, in particular, of zidovudine and aciclovir, in developing countries. He was a part of the corporate planning team reporting to the main board. Prior to the sale of the Wellcome Foundation to Glaxo, he returned to general practice and married his wife Dr Gowri Narayana Swamy. During his general practice career, of 26 years, he also worked in medical audit and governance and has a keen interest in developing software systems for medical audit. He is a co-owner of a patent for a new generation electronic asthma inhaler, containing algorithms, to help the patient manage their asthma. His main hobby is developing unique perfumes. He and his wife are Bahá’i’s.



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